Very informative and highlighted key areas for improvement with our organisation

Paul Goodman, Chair Coley Park Community Association

Informative and useful especially the exercises and peer discussions

Catherine Tam, Wokingham Crossroads

“It has clarified my thoughts on how to use social media.   A great course with lots of energy and a positive outcome.” – via the Association of Public Sector Excellence

Attendee on effective use of social media course

Our organisation was having difficulty visualising its structure, roles and core business as it went through a period of growth at the same time key people were stepping away.  Holy Brook Associates helped us unpack the problems we were facing so we could develop a strategy to move us forward. Feeling like we had unblocked the path ahead HBA’s expertise helped us stay successful during a period of complex change and take practical steps to adapt our organisation to face future challenges

Penny Wenham, Reading Fringe Festival

Really very good, would change nothing. 10/10 (attendee on working with your comms team)

Cllr Sandra Squire, North Norfolk District Council

Excellent. Great opportunity to ask questions and understand issues relevant to my organisation 10/10 (Introduction to Financial Management)

Attendee on Introduction to Financial Management

Challenging but very useful, relaxed, informative – very helpful

Attendee on introduction to spreadsheets

It was really helpful to get an external expert view on how to identify director roles…. helped identify how much had been achieved so far.  I think I had been too focussed on ‘the problem’ and not on the wider project. 10/10

Anne Wheldon, Reading Hydro Project

Very good and hugely beneficial [facilitation session]

Tony Cowling, Reading Hydro Project

Really interesting and great opportunity to reflect on what currently doing and how to make improvements

Katie Wilson, Warwickshire Council Council