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At Holy Brook Associates we support you to improve the way you run your organisation.

If you are looking for bookkeeping and financial management help please do get in touch.

We can also help you communicate with your audiences more effectively or being more strategic and innovative in your thinking. Browse our site to find out more.

What our clients say

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Having met Rachel and her team at GROW, I already knew them to be a friendly bunch.  When I learned more about their ‘virtual finance team’ service, I realised this could help both to reduce some of the chore aspects of maintaining my business’ financial affairs and ensure they are done ‘right’ – IE in a standard, compliant manner.  They were both gentle and efficient in on-boarding my business, and I now have management accounts I can use to make better strategic decisions in future.  Thanks guys!

Alex Gibson, Founder ADMG Consulting

Really very good, would change nothing. 10/10 (attendee on working with your comms team)

Cllr Sandra Squire, North Norfolk District Council